Healthy Recipe Ideas



As we enter into the final weeks of the holidays, eating healthy is at the bottom of the list.  Office cookies, neighbors’ brownies and tins of candy fill our houses.  I write this as a beautiful tin of brownies sits on my counter.  We are busy and convenience is often the answer.  Don’t give up!  Meal plan, shop healthy and feed your family well!

To help you with ideas, I have a compiled a list of yummy recipes to try.  I haven’t tried them all, but they are on my “to-cook” list:

Landria, from Stir it Up never disappoints.   This soup looks easy and delicious:

Happy and Fit Mama recommends this yummy looking casserole:

These looks easy, healthy and yummy:

  • Black Bean Burgers

From yours truly:

  • Rosemary Chicken Quinoa

Something sweet to satisfy:


Hope you guys will try something new this week!  If you do, please let us all know how it turned out and have a wonderful rest of the weekend!




  1. Thanks for sharing these healthy recipes. I’m planning to start a healthier diet and I could really use all these ideas. I’m going to try Black Bean Burgers first.

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