Stay for Awhile…

“Well, it’s good to see your smile and I love your company…”  Anyone recognize this lyric?

A little history…I grew up with a father who was a minister and mother who was a choir director.  Setting a good example was extremely important.  One of those examples was listening to only Christian music.  I often wished to listen to other music, but I made the best of it and found Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith.  I loved them both, but my favorite was Amy.  I would spend hours learning all of the music, I knew every ooh and ahh.  When talent shows rolled around–I knew the moves, lyrics and how to wear my hair!

What’s this got to do with anything?  Well, my dear friend purchased a table at Chastain tonight and we are going to see  them on their reunion tour.  Seriously–this is a dream come true for me!  Friends, Stay for Awhile, Lead Me on, Sing your Praise to the Lord, and Tennessee Christmas are just a few of my favorites!   I am counting the hours til 8:00!!!

Each one of us are bringing items for a delicious meal and these ladies will bring the best!  Hope my items will line up.

Pictured: Caprese Kabobs and Chicken Salad Shells


  1. Kathy Perry says:

    I grew up listening to them too and loved Amy Grant the most. They were and still are such an inspiration to me and they still sing so wonderfully too just like your mom! Your parents were such an inspiration in my life too and your family has just totally touched my life forever! Enjoy the concert!

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