Weekly Plans…

Good Morning!  And YES, there ist still snow on the ground.  A cool 12 degrees this morning..

Just a quick post to let you know what I am planning this week:


  • Monday: Baked Chicken, Orzo, and Broccoli
  • Tuesday: Steak and Blue Cheese Crumbles Salad with Twice Baked Potatoes
  • Wednesday: Dinner at church
  • Thursday: Brown Sugar and Balsamic Glazed, CrockPot, Tenderloin (check out this link)
  • Friday: Some type of Fish–not sure yet


  • Monday-Rest/Light Elliptical to work out sore muscles/Stretch
  • Tuesday-Same as Monday.
  • Wednesday-Zumba and possibly BodyPUMP
  • Thursday-Run (it’s going to be 64 degrees here!)
  • Friday-Zumba
  • Saturday-Body Pump
  • Sunday-First race of the year: Paddys 5 Miler!

****PS: Quick update on my little b:

His allergy tests came back, FINALLY, and it looks like this:

Slight elevation to dogs–can you believe that?  We have had dogs FOREVER

Elevation to: egg whites and dairy…OH NO!

So, I am calling, this morning, for an appointment with the allergist.  I am still thinking it is the change in environment and this dusty house, that I cannot get cleaned deeply enough.  Thanks for your thoughts, prayers and calls!  I will continue to keep you posted.



  1. Yet another thing we have in common, my son has allergies.
    It’s odd bc his food allergies are more severe at times that the pollens are elevated (spring and fall)
    For instance he has a slight allergy to egg whites, he can eat something with egg whites in it now (baked goods, etc..) and break out in hives but in the dead of winter he’s fine.
    He’s also pretty allergic to pistachios, pecans, and sesame… we had a scare last year over some cashews.
    He isn’t allergic to peanuts though, which is also odd.
    It’s rough trying to figure out what does and does not cause symptoms.
    I hope your able to get lots of answers after the allergy testing at the allergist.

  2. The pork recipe sounds delicious! Definitely going to make that next week.

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